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Vrat Udyapan

Brihaspati Udyapan Puja is usually held on 17th Thursday. Lord Vishnu is the chief deity of this vow-worship. Observing this vow on the 16th Thursday and celebrating on the 17th Thursday helps a person to have a happy life and marital happiness.

Brihaspati Udyapan Puja is celebrated by worshiping Gauri, Ganesha, Kalash, Navagraha. Sarvatobhadra puja, Vishnu invocation, and prana pratistha are taking place during this puja. The Vishnu Pratima is anointed, the words are recited, water is poured on the banana tree and havan is performed. Later Dakshina is given to Brahmins who are invited to perform the puja.

Benefits of Vrat Upadyan Puja
● Helps to fulfill our desires.
● By worshiping this vow, marital happiness is achieved between the couples.