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Durga Puja Path

Durga Puja path or shaptashati path is chanting of Mantras dedicated to Chandi/Durga Mata. It helps to eliminate all the negative and bad effects of the planetary combination. This auspicious path with Samput blesses the protection of the locals from the 9 incarnations of Mata Parvati.

Durga- The goddess of strength and power is considered the most important deity in Hindu culture. Mother Durga represents the power of the absolute being who maintains moral order and righteousness in the universe. She portrayed four aspects of human personality in learning and that is mind, intellect, alertness, and knowledge.

Benefits of Durga Puja Path
● The benefits of worshiping with a highly effective mantra will be extraordinary in number.
● It blesses the person with divine protection from the 9 incarnations of Mata Parvati.
● Performing this path nullifies the planetary effect. This reduces the harmful effects of the wrong planets in the horoscope.