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Garha Shanti Puja

The evil influence of the evil Grahas, the home Shanti Puja is worshiped to remove the guilt. This worship also enhances the flow of positive energy in the individual and family. Graha Shanti Puja brings peace and prosperity to the inhabitants of the house.

Our experienced Panditji will perform this puja by chanting Gauri, Ganesh, Kalash puja, and Navagraha. After that, a havan is conducted to bring a positive impact to the whole family.

Benefits of Graha Shanti Puja
● This puja protects the house from negative energy, evil eye and increases the flow of positive energy into the house.
● Provides prosperity, harmony, and happiness to the family.
● Purifies and enriches the surroundings and the environment with a holy vibration and a divine atmosphere.
● This puja helps to remove any obstacles and hindrances that come in one’s life.

Vaidikamanbaba has a group of qualified, knowledgeable, and experienced scholars who worship according to the characteristics of your community, language, and region. We will handle the whole process starting from assigning the right pandit to sort the best moments, best day and worship materials, flowers, etc.