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Naamkaran puja

Naamkaran or Hindu naming ceremony is the traditional Hindu Indian custom of naming a child. Nama literally means 'name' and Karan means 'spell, execute'. The ceremony is usually performed on the twelfth day of the birth of a child. Naming can usually be done at home or in a temple where the child's father whispers the name in the child's right ear.

Since welcoming a new life is always a joy for any family, naming a Hindu child is done with much enthusiasm and pomp. The Naamkaran of a child in a Hindu family is done by following some rules which are known as samskara. In the beginning, Garbhadana means conception, Punsavana means fetal protection, jatakarma means child birth, namakarna means naming the baby and annaprasana means feeding the baby with solid food. The ceremony is conducted not only for the naming ceremony of the child but also for receiving blessings from various deities and initiating the child into the religion.

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