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Shatchandi Path/ Havan

Shat Chandi Havan is performed to get the blessings of the Goddess. This puja is usually performed on the day of the full moon so that the high energy of the moon’s rays enters your body. You will experience unexpected positive changes in your life after you perform Shat Chandi Yagya. It is a mixture of sacred mantras imported from the shaptashati Puran.

This is to draw the attention of Goddess Durga, the ultimate flow of energy in this world, and to request for her facilitation and blessings in life.

Benefits of Shatchandi Path/Havan
● It is chanted three times to get rid of the harmful effects of witchcraft.
● It is easy to remove the obstacles caused by guilt by chanting Shat Chandi 5 times.
● Chanting it twelve times fulfills the desires of the mind.
● Chanting a hundred times will remove the troubles of life.
● It contributes to gaining prosperity and wealth.
● It makes a person stronger and less fearful.