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Yagna is a spiritual action; a delightful and divine sacrifice performed by a group of Vedic scholars who sit together and recite Vedic rhymes and verses called "Mantras". Vedic pandits (Vedic scholars) who do this auspicious deed with a very pure mind and body and because of their intense attention and purity of thought, their Yagya work can help to solve problems very gently and remove obstacles in one's life.

Special prayers and mantras of Yajna can help solve the examples like:
● Couples face problems in marriage or in life.
● One Who is highly educated and cannot find a job.
● Health issues.
● One who does works but cannot save for the future.
● Open up opportunities, stagnation, or removal of obstacles.

For example, suppose a person is facing financial difficulties, it indicates that the person has to perform Mahalakshmi Yagya. The reason for this particular Yagya is that Mahalakshmi is the goddess of wealth, so a Yagya is performed to please her and she gives her blessings.