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Hanuman Chalisa Path

Hanuman Chalisa is a famous slok chanted by Hindus, the most ardent devotee of Lord Ram, Lord Hanuman is known for his loyalty, devotion, strength, heroism, courage, wisdom, and celibacy is addressed by a collection of Hindu devotional hymns(forty chaupais) known as Hanuman Chalisa Path. Reading Hanuman Chalisa helps a person to get full attention on mind and body and keeps away from negative power and negative thoughts.

There is no obstacle in reciting Hanuman Chalisa on any day and time but according to mythology, Tuesday and Saturday are the auspicious days to chant this path.

Benefits of Hanuman Chalisa Path
● Performing this path helps a person to overcome any obstacles and hindrances in life.
● The path of Hanuman Chalisa keeps evil eyes, evil spirits, and negative energy away.
● The path enhances people's memory and concentration.

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