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Sunderkand path

Sundarkanda is the story of Lord Hanuman's journey and his inquiry to find Mata Sita. Until Jambvant exalted him and even made him realize the immense power of Lord Hanuman, he was exotic about his strength and power. He decided to embark on his voyage in search of Mata Sita in the Ramayana, who was abducted by Ravana.

The story is engraved in the 5th chapter of Ramayana which speaks of Sri Hanumanji's journey from Kishkinda to Lanka and highlights his knowledge, wisdom, and skill. Sunderkand Path is practiced at home for various reasons like getting rid of the difficulties of life, defeating the opponent or enemy, mental and physical health problems and listening to the melodious kirtan of Lord Rama.

Vaidikamanbaba has a group of qualified, knowledgeable, and experienced scholars who worship according to the characteristics of your community, language, and region. We will handle the whole process starting from assigning the right pandit to sort the best moments, best day and worship materials, flowers, etc.